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The neighbors are nice and this is a good rate.

David and his family previously lived in Texas. He appreciates the timely response for maintenance requests and said that the rate for these town homes are “really good, especially compared to what we paid for at our previous home.”

“The neighbors are nice. We live next to a lawyer who helped us when we had car trouble. Another neighbor took our trash dumpster out to the curb for us.”

It’s nice and quiet here.

Nita has lived on the property for only a week, but she’s very happy with Timber Ridge Town Homes. She works in Wichita and was previously living in a three-story home, but wanted to live in a home that didn’t have stairs. Her friend, who has a daughter living in a Timber Ridge Town Home, told her about the properties.

“It’s nice and quiet here. And I like the fact that it’s a little hard to find.”